A Few Words About Us

We are the texbook example of a polymathic self-educated entrepreneurs: no business inheritance, no network coming with a costly MBA, no magical 6 or 7 figures seeding money package for our first startup. But no resentment or envy for those who got that, because even if we could do it again, we still would choose the “Huckleberry“, and not the “Tom Sayer” side from the Art of building things (inclusing Businesses).

Because of freedom.
Freedom of speech, of course, but most of all freedom of thinking, and coming with it, ability to try in any way coming to my mind when facing a problem or a challenge. And thus, ability to let our team operate the same way. And thus, make each and every day being so interesting and instructive, for us as well as for our clients.
It's always so funny, and boring at the same time, to see how normalized powerful people tend to forget how they made their wealth first place… The same people, when their inner spark still shine from time to time, who desperately look after those who still can really “think outside of the box”.
That's what we do. We am proud of our team, our work, our results, our clients feedback so far. Following the prerequisite of the  Book of Five Rings (五輪書 Go Rin no Sho), Fact talks for themselves. Just try us. :-)


"Preparation is the key to success"     Sun-Tzu   THE ART OF WAR      


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